Camera inspection of plumbing drains, main sewer and french drain.


A plumbing, sewer or French drain camera inspection allows real-time inspection of the underground piping system and allows to determine the internal condition of the piping. The video images are transmitted to the camera operator, who is then able to provide an informed diagnosis of any problems encountered.

The camera inspection may be permanently recorded and a written report may be provided to the insurers, future purchasers and concerned employees of the municipality.

Cameras are used to identify damage or obstructions in drains. These damages, depending on their degree, prevent regular flow or create backups (occasional or repeated). The cameras can also check that obstructions have been eliminated and that the piping is clear after cleaning and unclogging services.

Camera inspection identifies pipe problems such as:

  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipe – any damaged pipe requiring repair or replacement.
  • Offset pipe – sewer pipes are no longer aligned due to unstable ground, freezing and thawing, sagging, etc.
  • Obstruction – accumulation of grease, or objects restricting or preventing regular flow and / or drain cleaning.
  • Corrosion – the drain has deteriorated and / or broken, causing some parts to collapse and prevent the flow of water.
  • Inverted slope – a section of the drain has collapsed due to soil weight or soil conditions, creating a low point that traps paper and waste.
  • Leaks at the seams – the seals between the pipes broke, allowing water to escape into the surrounding area.
  • Root infiltration – roots of trees or bushes have invaded the sewers, preventing normal cleaning and / or roots have damaged the piping.
  • Poor quality piping – Existing pipes are constructed of poor quality or obsolete materials that may have deteriorated or become rusty.

Precise imaging for inspecting plumbing drains and pipes

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